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4 Tips to Win The 2018 Holiday Shopping Season. A No-Fluff Pocket Guide for Digital Goods and Subscription-model Merchants.
22 November 2018

Whilst Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or “Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Week” according to some experts do not mean as much as, say, 2-3 years ago, the pre-x-mas shopping spree is still among the key determinants of the thickness of your top line. Here’s how to - in the realm of intangible merchandise - make the most of the daddy of all holiday sales.

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3 technical tips to growth hack your online business
15 October 2018

Simplicity of User Experience, efficient billing model and a well-thought risk management strategy. These are the keys to unlock your business potential on the ever more competitive market of digital services, as uncovered by e-commerce professionals at the very first edition of Warsaw Ecommerce Tech Sessions (WETS) – a new series of meetups powered by Straal and Business Link.

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Blissful, bitten or shy? Your business in the face of fraud
17 July 2018

Have you fallen victim to fraud? If the answer is "yes", I assume you have learnt your lesson and already thoroughly inspected what went wrong. The “no” answer does not exist in the case of fraud. It’s only “not yet”. Be my guest and let me invite you to explore the dark side of ecommerce.

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If it’s free, it’s for me - is the freemium strategy right for SaaS startups?
20 May 2018

Why is freemium so controversial? The word itself blends free with premium, which is fairly self-explanatory, but there’s more to it. Freemium never expires. It’s not a trial basis. It’s free forever, which probably amplifies the sense of risk.

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Time is money: when one second costs $2.5 million
17 April 2018

Your customers won’t wait or engage in cumbersome processes to get your products and - if your competitors are able to provide the service faster – why would they? Straal presents the mathematics of instant e-commerce. Lean on these statistics to put your business in the fast lane!

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Back into vogue: the essentials of the subscription experience
28 February 2018

In the times of the flourishing sharing economy, we’re renting, sharing and getting access to everything we need The line between products and services is becoming thinner and thinner, whereas possession is no longer guarantee for the customer satisfaction. What is in that case?

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4 reasons to migrate to the subscription business model in 2018
8 February 2018

Do you remember the first time you sold your product or signed a contract for your service? I bet it felt good. Do you know what feels even better? Becoming a trusted provider of your services and products to your loyal customers and catering for their needs in the long-term.  That lasting feeling is what the subscription-based business model holds in store for success-hungry entrepreneurs across all sectors.

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3 must-knows about the role of payment solutions in your development strategy
16 January 2018

The following article is meant to help you understand how payment solutions chosen by your company influence your business performance, and thus how important it is to decide on such that will not only meet your current challenges, but also support your development strategy in the long term and smoothly scale your business.

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5 Things You Should Know about the Payment Ecosystem
30 November 2017

Fintech insiders oftentimes erroneously assume that consumers, let alone merchants, know much more about digital payments than they actually do. This might lead to disturbing misunderstandings, make companies miss business opportunities, consumers get a headache and vendors fritter away their marketing budgets.

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